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Randlords Bar


Braamfontein Johannesburg


Southpoint Properties


Silvio Rech Lesley Carstens Architects





For the property developers South Point who specialise in student housing in Braamfontein, the architects proposed ‘urban healing’ for the public spaces around their many buildings. The super-plan would include urban design, architecture, interiors and pieces of art and furniture. Randlords Bar was the first element of the scheme. Originally conceived as an all-day lounge for breakfast, lunch and light evening meals, Randlords in South Point Towers now serves as a venue for corporate functions and events.


The spectacular changing panoramic views from the 22nd and 23rd floors, from sunrise to sunset of Johannesburg City Centre inspired a lounge boxed in by floor to ceiling glass. The glass box is treated as a lantern with the central core treated as the major source of light and central light feature. The suggested reflective ceiling for which the architects chose a highly reflective charcoal mirror ceiling not only picks up faint reflections from the city below but a wash from the colour changing strip inground floor LED’s between floor and wall, which creates the illusion of a taller space. This indirect ambient lighting sets the general mood for the lounge. The large moulded black bar is lit from within while the Led strip lighting under the counters against the glass panes, gently lights the floor perimeter immediately below.

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