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Swisscom Business Campus


Hard Zurich




Holzer Kobler Architekturen



There are no private or public areas. Neither showroom nor office but spaces for interaction based on the notion of The Office of the Future the different spaces demanded an element of theatricality. Elements of colour light were introduced. The uplit columns would change hues of soft light for events or even a late-night work session. In the lounge an element of 'glamour' is introduced. Large suspended floating cloud-like structures provide mood. It is the first installation of the new luminaires by Ross Lovegrove designed for Barrisol. The gallery as such, glows at night and is read as an enticing signal that cannot be overlooked. The gentle illumination of the ceiling soffit  emphasises the stretch of space. The only specifically defined space, which is off the gallery, is the 'strategies room' or think tank for strategic planning. The circadian lighting system (the basis for the commission) would add to the office basic standard lighting needs and complement the premise that all areas are day-lit and fit for purpose on a clear day. It was dropped. So was the colour change. But intelligent light management is still in place.

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