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PLD is an independent, product-neutral,  lighting-design studio. We are motivated by our infatuation with light.

As lighting designers, no project is too big or too small. Our work on residential lighting design is as important to us as that on large hotel or commercial projects. It is principally through the medium of light that one experiences one’s surroundings and this should be an indication of the important role that well-considered and purposeful lighting should play in our homes and work spaces.

Everyone deserves good light and the right light for the right purpose is as personal as one’s other choices in dress, décor, food or music and this is why we talk of tailored light.

Our experience in light over 30 years has taught us that there are no formulas to applying light and that every successful lighting scheme requires a fresh look at the conditions and functions that inform the space.

Our team is available to discuss your next project, no matter how small or large. They will explain the process of designing with light and come up with a unique lighting solution to suit your lifestyle and budget.

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