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The Haute Lumière Light Competition



Fashioned and designed environments require imaginative light solutions, which convey meaning, atmosphere and visual appeal. The Haute Lumière Light Competition was established by Paul Pamboukian in 2007 to explore and stimulate discussion on light as a design tool. The purpose of the competition is to rethink artificial light as a crucial, primary aspect of design, to create unusual visibility, and promote lighting as an inventive medium.


The annual competition encourages projects that demonstrate experimentation, seek essence and work with perception and deception. It celebrates and promotes excellence in the understanding and application of artificial light. The Haute Lumière Light Competition gives designers a canvas against which to develop a unique everyday object, installation or space.



The way the award is structured

The competition is held annually and is open to anyone living, studying or working in South Africa. A different theme or subject is set each year. This is manifested in the design of a luminaire, object or installation depending on the brief. The objective is to select a maximum of 5 promising designs. Their authors are invited to a day workshop on light at Pamboukian lightdesign before constructing a prototype. The 1:1 scale designs are judged and the winner given the chance to attend the annual light workshop ‘Lights in Alingsås’ conducted by professional lighting designers for the town Alingsås, Sweden.


‘Lights in Alingsås’



What entrants can expect

The prototypes are exhibited at SA Fashion Week, and benefit from press coverage. Manufacturers may consider the prototypical designs for serial production and marketing.


The Competition is sponsored by: Lights in Alingsås, Pamboukian lightdesign, Regent Lighting Solutions, SA Fashion Week

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